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Resources for Ex-Offenders

We offer a variety of resources to meet the unique needs of ex-offenders and others in or involved with the corrections system in the United States. Explore the following links:

Special collection of resources for ex-offenders and corrections staff - Explore the countless books, DVDs, games, posters, and kits/series/programs that target ex-offenders and those who work with them.

Stop Recidivism, Now! Check out this flyer. It's packed with resources designed to help those newly released into the outside world make a successful transition.

The Ultimate Re-Entry Success Curriculum Starter Kit - This kit, containing 3 DVDs, 25 copies of each of five workbooks, 25 copies each of two pocket guides, and one planning and implementation journal, is a terrific resource for helping individuals re-entering the outside world upon release from incarceration get started on making a successful new life for themselves.

Co-Occurring Disorders Program: Integrated Services for Substance Use and Mental Health Problems - This is a series of videos addressing treatment issues relating to co-occurring disorders - mental health issues accompanying an existing addiction problem. Click here to view other videos and also books about co-occurring disorders.

Cage Your Rage Program - A bestselling program designed for inmates. Includes an inmate's guide, a leader's guide, and four videos.

Pulling Punches: A Curriculum for Rage Management - This highly acclaimed three-part video series is specifically for recovering addicts and alcoholics. It addresses the entire anger process.

Ex-Offender Re-Entry Success Kit - Books, videos, and instruments gathered in a kit to help ex-offenders and others with a difficult background overcome barriers in their search for a job, and thus achieve greater success in landing a job.

Post-Prison Blues - This video deals with the emotional challenges of prison release. Even family and friends may take some time to adjust, not to mention society at large. Inmates and experts relate their experiences and valuable insights on how to make the emotional transition.

Ex-Offender's Job Finding and Re-Entry Kit - One of our bestsellers! Many educators, career counselors, and workforce development professionals provide assistance to ex-offenders in prisons, detention centers, and community transition programs. If you are involved with this group, consider acquiring this unique collection of books and videos that addresses the transition needs of ex-cons.

The Living Skills Complete Program - This popular and vital program helps teach those who are leaving corrections or treatment facilities to manage daily living skills. Covers such topics as looking for work, making decisions, managing money, refusal skills, values and personal responsibility, hygiene and personal care.

Assisting Ex-Offenders in Re-Entry Kit - This kit pulls together the best resources for assisting ex-offenders in making it on the outside, reducing their chances of recidivism.

Change Your Attitudes and Behavior Kit - This collection of resources shows how to make the necessary attitudinal and behavioral changes relating to addictions, anger, incarceration, and various life skills.

Re-Entry Board Games for Ex-Offenders - These seven popular and engaging games are ideal for ex-offenders preparing to enter the free world. Each Monopoly-style game teaches key concepts and skills.

Ex-Offenders CAN Ace the Interview - A Curriculum Kit - This training session uses individual and group activities, video, and mock interviews to help ex-offender trainees learn how to handle tough interview questions such as "Why should I hire someone convicted of a crime?"

Smart Job Interview Tips for Ex-Offenders - This collection of books shows ex-offenders how to prepare for the critically important job interview.

Ex-Offender's Re-Entry Employment Success Instructional Package - This is ideal for assisting ex-offenders in exploring job alternatives, developing effective job search skills, and dealing with potential red flags relating to their backgrounds.

Purpose-Driven Ex-Offender Kit - This collection is ideal for helping ex-offenders change their lives by focusing on purposes, goals, attitudes, and principles of success.

Check out these great job-searching books:

The Ex-Offender's Job Hunting Guide
The Ex-Offender's Quick Job Hunting Guide
Best Resumes and Letters for Ex-Offenders