Follow-up is the key to unlocking employers' doors and for achieving job search success. But many people fear following up - think they are bothering the employer or have nothing more to say.

Unfortunately, they would rather wait to hear from the employer than to take actions that could influence the final hiring decision.

Here is a simple truth: waiting is not a good job search strategy for getting a job offer!

Without an effective follow-up campaign, you may be passed over for the job.

If you want interviewers to know that you are interested in their position, you need to follow up with a nice thank-you letter and/or phone call, in which you restate your strongest talents.

At this stage, timing is everything. Shortly after the interview - later the same day - send a thank-you letter by email and mail. In this letter:

  1. Express your appreciation for the interviewer's time.
  2. Indicate your continued interest in the position.
  3. Restate any special skills or experience you would bring to the job (keep this brief and well focused).
  4. Close by mentioning that you will call in a few days to inquire about the employer's decision.

A telephone call will remind the employer of your continued interest and enthusiasm for the position. It gives you a chance to have a final interview by phone.

For examples of follow-up letters, see Nail the Cover Letter! and 201 Dynamite Job Search Letters (both can be ordered online at


SOURCE: Adapted from Ron Krannich, Ph.D., The Re-Entry Employment and Life Skills Pocket Guide (Manassas Park: Impact Publications), page 43. Copyright 2009. All rights reserved. Copying strictly forbidden.