Finding a job involves a 10-step process. Each step includes specific job search activities that should be conducted in sequence.

Unfortunately, many job seekers start with Step 7 - write resumes and letters - without going through the previous six steps that are prerequisites for producing powerful resumes, letters, and applications. Smart and effective job seekers follow these 10 job search steps, and in this order:

  1. Get motivated with winning attitudes

  2. Seek assistance and become proactive

  3. Select appropriate job search approaches

  4. Assess your skills and identify your motivated abilities and skills (MAS)

  5. Develop a powerful objective

  6. Research jobs, employers, and communities

  7. Write applications, resumes, and letters

  8. Network for information, advice, and referrals

  9. Develop winning job interview skills

  10. Negotiate salary, benefits, and the offer like a pro


SOURCE: Adapted from Ron Krannich, Ph.D., The Re-Entry Employment and Life Skills Pocket Guide (Manassas Park: Impact Publications), page 3. Copyright 2009. All rights reserved. Copying strictly forbidden.