Networking opportunities are everywhere for job seekers. To capitalize on these opportunities, the following tips should assist you in your job search:
  1. When at a group activity, meet as many people as you can. Don't sit with the same people you came with. Introduce yourself to new people. Include all ages, genders, and cultures.

  2. Exchange business cards if you have them. Explain what you do.

  3. At group gatherings, Wear a name tag, include your business, and a line to stimulate interest. Example: "We do the impossible and the unique!"

  4. Act like a host, not a guest. Introduce yourself. Help others make connections also.

  5. Save business discussions for later. Don't mix business discussions with your networking attempts.

  6. Keep moving. Don't talk to any one person for too long; make an appointment or move on.

  7. Be proactive. Don't wait for others to suggest what they might do for you; look for ways to help them.

  8. Follow up. Write notes or call back. Set appointments to meet.

  9. Avoid too much small talk; time is valuable. Explore how you can support each other.

  10. Establish a goal for yourself. Try to meet at least five new people. Try to find one person with whom you can set an appointment.

  11. Look for ways to help others. Introduce new friends to people you think they should know.

  12. Keep the contacts you meet. Call back just to stay in touch and up-to-date. Send a thank-you note or some piece of information you think may be of interest, whenever you can.

SOURCE: Adapted from Ron and Caryl Krannich, Ph.D.s, You Should Hire Me! (Manassas Park: Impact Publications), page 38. Copyright 2008. All rights reserved.