Employers are increasingly incorporating behavior-based and situation-based questions in job interviews.

Behavior-based means that the interviewer asks you to describe how you responded when you faced an actual situation.

Situation-based questions ask you to imagine a situation and describe how you would act, what you would do, if that occurred.

Be prepared to answer this types of behavior-based and situation-based questions:
  • What would you do if….

  • In what situations have you become so involved in the work you were doing that the day flew by?

  • If you were to encounter that same situation now, how would you deal with that person.

  • If you had a choice of working our department A or department B, which would you choose?

  • Why would you make that choice?

  • Tell me about a recent time when you took responsibility for a task that was not part of our job description [the job you are interviewing for].

  • Tell me about a time when you took action without your supervisor’s prior approval.

SOURCE: Adapted from Caryl and Ron Krannich, Ph.D.s, The Ex-Offender's Job Interview Guide (Manassas Park: Impact Publications), page 58. Copyright 2009. All rights reserved.