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38 Illegal, Sensitive, and Stupid Interview Questions

Despite warnings to the contrary, many employers still ask illegal questions or ones that border on being illegal. Many of these questions deal with age, family responsibilities, and lifestyle. Read more.

Avoid Communicating Nonverbal Messages of Deception in the Job Interview

We learn from a very young age to engage in innocent deception. We receive a gift at our birthday party that we don't like, and what do we do? Read more.

Dealing With Questions About a Difficult Background

Prior to a job interview, you may be worried about how to handle questions about things in your background that probably will not be "plus" factors in an employer's hiring decision. Read more.

Do You Have Red Flags in Your Background When Interviewing for a Job?

Interviewing, selecting, and hiring a new employee is risky business. Employers know that some job applicants will stretch the truth, and some will even blatantly lie about their past to cover up problems that might knock them out of consideration for the job. Read more.

Getting a Job With the Federal Government When Your Background Includes a Felony

The federal government can be a good place to look for employment. Learn what agencies you would not be eligible for a position with. Read more.

Getting Good References When You Have a Difficult Background

Prospective employers expect job applicants to provide a list of references. Usually, these will consist of former employers. If you have some skeletons in the closet with previous employers, it's time to take some important actions.... Read more.

How Ex-Offenders Can Deal With Red Flags During a Job Interview

Why would an employer want to hire someone with a criminal background? The answer is simple: Thousands of employers hire ex-offenders each day because they have desirable skills and work habits; many also work for very low wages. Read more.

Job Hunting Advice for People Over 50

Looking for a job is certainly no bed of roses for anyone, but it can be more difficult for older Americans. Perhaps they are in the job market at a time when they expected to be planning a comfortable retirement. Read more.

Job Interviewing After Being "De-Hired"

When interviewing for a job, most people get nervous. And if you were laid off or fired from your last job, that fear may skyrocket because you may be concerned the interviewer won't see you as a good candidate. Read more.

Lowering Your Red Flags During a Job Interview

When an employer spots one or more red flags in your background during an interview, you need to be able to give an explanation for the red flag behavior and convince him/her that you have changed your behavior. Read more.

Test Your Job Knock-Out Potential

Some aspects of your background may create doubts in the mind of a prospective employer and lead him/her to eliminate you from consideration for a job. Read more.