Organize a Smart Job Search

Smart people organize a smart job search that involves a seven-step sequential process. This is a smart strategy for ex-offenders, too.

  1. Assess your interests, abilities, and motivated skills
  2. Develop a career or job objective
  3. Conduct research on jobs, employers, and communities
  4. Write resumes and letters
  5. Network for information, advice, and referrals
  6. Develop effective job interview skills
  7. Negotiate salary and terms of employment
Each step involves a set of skills that you can learn and implement successfully by using the Internet, writing letters, taking tests, and associating with successful people. We outline how to develop and implement each of these steps in The Ex-Offender's Job Hunting Guide.

SOURCE: Adapted from Ron and Caryl Krannich, Ph.Ds, The Ex-Offender's Job Hunting Guide (Manassas Park, VA: Impact Publications). Copyright 2005. All rights reserved.