Develop a Network for Success After Re-Entry

What types of people and groups do you associate with? Do you have a supportive or dysfunctional family? Do you run with gangs and other losers? Who you associate with will influence the direction of your life, including what type of job or career you choose.

Re-entry is all about picking yourself up and running in the right direction. When you get up to run, make sure you run with winners rather than associate with losers. Smart people hang around with people who bring out the best in them. They find mentors who can help guide them along a new path to success.

Whatever you do, take a serious inventory of the people you associate with. It may be time to get rid of past relationships as you develop and new and more positive network of relationships for success.

SOURCE: Adapted from Ron and Caryl Krannich, Ph.Ds, The Ex-Offender's Job Hunting Guide (Manassas Park, VA: Impact Publications). Copyright 2005. All rights reserved.