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Welcome to ExOffenderReentry, your one-stop resource center
for corrections and re-entry success.


Check out these two great re-entry success resources - The 99 Days to Re-Entry Success Journal and Unemployed But Moving On. Both books were written with the needs and issues of ex-offenders in mind.

Ex-Offender Re-Entry Success Action Guides

The ultimate "Stop Recidivism, Now!" resource collection. Seven ex-offender re-entry guides provide sound advice on how to transition to the free world...and stay out for good!

Five 128-page guides address the whole re-entry process as well as focus on one of the most critical aspects of transitioning: finding and keeping a job.

The other two books are handy 64-page pocket guides that pull together the key advice of the five books into action guideto be tucked into a pocket or handbag for quick and easy convenience while navigating the job market or personal finances.

SPECIALS: $49.95 for the set of seven books. Up to 60% discounts on quantity purchases (click here and view the Product Options box for the quantity you wish to order).

The Ex-Offender's 30/30 Job Solution
An innovative solution to re-entry success by focusing
your job search within 30 miles of where you live
and within 30 days. Among the highlights are:

-Targeting employers
-Scheduling interviews
-Using voicemail to get interviews
-Sending effective email messages
-Developing telephone scripts
-Asking and answering questions
-And much, much more!

Check out these three inexpensive pocket guides for finding employment, keeping jobs, and dealing with many of life's
major challenges.
The Re-Entry Personal Finance Pocket GuideThe Re-Entry Employment and Life Skills Pocket GuideThe Quick Job Finding Pocket Guide
Each 64-page, 3⅞" x 4⅞" guide is packed with essential tips, checklists, examples, exercises, questionnaires, and resources, written to address the needs and issues of ex-offenders and workforce development clients.
The Re-Entry Personal Finance Pocket Guide
Shows how to set goals, rent an apartment, open a bank account, handle credit cards and ATMs, buy a car, find assistance, save for a rainy day and retirement, start a business, save on taxes, and more!
The Re-Entry Employment and Life Skills Pocket Guide
The new 2nd edition explains how to determine your abilities and skills, complete job applications, write resumes, interview for a job, and more. Also discusses life skills such as education and training, attitudes and goals, housing and transportation, health, financial planning, and community services.
The Quick Job Finding Pocket Guide
Provides information on how to quickly assess abilities and skills, state an objective, complete job applications and resumes, network for job leads, use the Internet, conduct a job interview, negotiate salary, write a work history, handle "red flags," get a federal job, attend job fairs, succeed on the job, and start a business.

Get Your GED Certificate With the Help of
GED Study Guides!

GED study guides are very popular in corrections settings and on the outside, as inmates and ex-offenders try to brush up their academic skills in order to get their GED certificate and better job opportunities.

Explore the numerous guides available on our related website by clicking here.

Youth Corrections Series: Choices, Consequences, and Your Future
This series for teenagers is available in two versions: Young Men and Young Women. There are 6 DVDs in each version. Click on the links to learn more about the series.

Complete Career Clusters Series
This collection of 16 DVDs provides viewers with information on 16 broad occupational categories. You'll learn about practically every type of job there is. Be sure to explore this popular collection!

The Ultimate Re-Entry Success Curriculum Starter Kit
This new bestselling set of three DVDs, 25 copies each of five workbooks, 25 copies each of two pocket guides, and 25 copies of the planning and implementation journal brings together the best of the best in ex-offender re-entry resources for creating your own powerful re-entry program.

Ex-Offender Re-Entry DVDs with Instructor's Guides:

Ex-Offender's Guide to Job Fair Success

Expert Job Search Strategies for the Ex-Offender (3-DVD series)

book covers

Don't miss this great collection of books that can make a difference:

The Entrepreneurial Ex-Offender: Starting a Successful Business After Prison Kit

These titles, covering everything a prospective entrepreneur, regardless of a not-so-hot background, needs to know, are a "must-have" addition to your library or facility. A wide variety of busineesses that can be started on a shoestring budget and how to go about starting a business - these books provide all the information an ex-offender seeking a fresh start in life needs.


These catalogs are designed specifically to help ex-offenders make a successful transition to the outside world and turn their lives around.

Click on this page to read about barriers faced by people with criminal records and many tips for overcoming the various kinds of barriers that can make transitioning to the outside world and new life difficult.

A vast treasure-trove of great resources for dealing with numerous transition issues - special value kits, books, and DVDs. You will find what you need here - and if you don't, please tell us about it.

Check out these articles. This page will be periodically updated.

Explore these books that were written to address the needs of ex-offenders and for others seeking an uplifting boost as they try to improve their lives.

Our best picks!

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